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~A\N hey guys,well I worked on this reader insert for a looooooong time and in that time I've been forgetting more and more about Utapri XD so I'm sorry and stuff in advance and my terrible writing skills too XD also I'm sorry for the paragraphing all thrown off...I'm just really tired~

"Wow this place is cool!" You exclaimed as you climbed out of the car , You stood before a house which you called
'The Starish household' , You called it that because the members of starish stayed there (Guys, I don't where I'm gonna do with this story but glob my memory is fuzzy about utapri so I'm gonna do random stuff) And well Haruka too.
If you are wondering why you are there , It's because you recently signed a 2 year contract with Mr.Saotome.
You see you just started in the industry and you just released (With the help of Mr.Saotome) your first album.
Which miraculously got you a lot of attention AND Job offers (Commercials , Parts in shows etc.)
And you suddenly got pretty famous and well you were glad you started singing with Mr.Saotome there .
Mr.Saotome was kind of like your second father , He was there since you were a little girl.

Since he was a family friend you saw him more than expected , He was actually also like a super nanny to you when your parents weren't there.
Anyway,While you approach the doors of the household you noticed a face in front of the window...
'No way!! Masa!?' You thought and grew excited to stay there 
Then you started to knock on the door and you were greeted by a certain (salmon idk) pink haired girl.
At first she didn't know who you were but after she got a good look at you she said: 
"*Gasp*! ______-chan!!" And hugged you , "How have you been?? I heard your songs on the radio once and it was great!!" She exclaimed and pulled away from the hug 
The a tiny blush grew on your face.
"Aww! thanks Haruka-chan!~ and I've been doing great! I mean I almost got chased by a fan here but I think she got lost..." You said and looked behind you to make sure she wasn't there anymore 
"Hehe~ well ____-chan I have to do something so,Is it alright if I leave you here?" Haruka asked 
"Yeah,I'm fine here!" You answered enthusiastically an Haruka went to where she needed to be.
You went inside the household more and saw 6 men and your childhood friend.

You walked more into the household and looked around , You saw a tall blonde in the kitchen , A navy blue haired man on one of the chairs and reading a book.
then you looked to the side and saw Masato -Cleaning the windows-.
You admired him from a distance staring at him was the only thing you could think of doing.
'Wow Masa changed a lot...Dang he's hot and when I saw hot I mean HOT like muy caliente ! ' (lol sorry guys I guess my spanish blood was taking over me there XD)
After mentally drooling over your child hood friend you silently approached him from behind.

"Wha-?,_____!?" Masato exclaimed  as he turned to you
"Hey Masa! How've you been??" You said excited
"Can you not shout please" He said irritatedly and glared at you
"Well you're mean anyway want my help in cleaning?~" You said in a sing-song tone and grabbed a cloth for cleaning
"Sigh, Why not..."

~After cool cleaning montage~
"That was many times to you clean in a month??" You wined
"Well at least five or four times a month..."
"What!? I never even clean my room that much!" You exclaimed and your eyes widened as your jaw dropped
"And that is why you're dusty" He said and flicked some dust off your shoulder
"Ah....nevermind anyway,Remember when we were kids when we went inside the neighbors garret and we got all dusty then I smelt like old stuff for a week" You said smiling like a kid
"Please don't remind me ,The memory of smelling like a dead rat still haunts me..." Masato said
"Anyway why are you here ?" Masato asked
"Oh!,about that ,I signed a contract with Mr.Saotome and he said I should stay here ,Oh and that reminds me..." You answered and grabbed your bag

"Mom wanted you to have this back" You said and handed him a bracelet
"Oh,I remember this..."

You were sitting on the grass with Masato
"Masa-rin ,Do you really have to go home now?" You pouted and asked
"I do ______ I want to tell you someth--" He was cut off by someone calling his name ,wanting him to go to the car
"I'm sorry but I have to go..." Masato said sadly
"Oh...okay...." You sadly said and after that Masato ran off and while he was running a bracelet fell out of his back pocket
End of Flashback~
"So it was with you all along..." Masato said and looked at the bracelet
"Yup! I even kept in a special box so it won't get damaged over the years !~" You said happily and smiled,Before you could continue your story a voice called from the kitchen.

"Lunch is ready!" The male voice said ,following suit with everyone else you went to the kitchen to see what was for lunch.

After walking to the kitchen you saw the tall blonde man put a weird looking food on the table ,It looked black,purple,brown all in one ,You weren't sure of what it was , You weren't even sure if it was edible! , Everybody that gathered around the table looked scared

"Who wants some dinner?~" The tall blonde asked with a smile
"Who said you could cook Natsuki!? " A shorter blonde shouted 
"No one cooked so I thought I might as well do it! And I heard a the new girl is coming today so I thought of cooking for her!" The person so called Natsuki said cheerily 
"New girl?,Oh yeah...WAIT YOU WERE GOING TO SERVE THAT TO HER!? I WANT TO AT LEAST MEET HER BEFORE SHE DIES!" He shouted and took the plate full of the weird substance and dunked it in the sink
"Aww...Syo-chan...that was still edible..." Natsuki said sadly
"SINCE WHEN WAS THAT STUFF EDIBLE!? anyway we need to make the new girl she would like to eat! not something she would never eat--" 
"I would've tried it..." You said quietly 

Then all eyes were on you,No one seemed to notice your presence until now ,The two that were having banter suddenly stopped and stared at you
"You...would?" The tall blonde said astonished by your statement , "Well,yeah,I mean...It looks edible...enough" You said hesitantly , "Yay! alright here!~" Natsuki said and handed you a spoonful of the substance he made
'Okay...take the spoon...' You took the spoon
' put the spoon in your mouth NOT THE WHOLE SPOON ,just the place where the food is...OKAY NOW PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH AND EAT LIKE A MAN!!!'
You followed the commands of your thoughts and ate it all! , Yeah people were shocked but,Natsuki looked like he was waiting for what you thought of his cooking.
So as you swallowed you really wished that it didn't taste bad , "Hey,this isn't half bad!" You lied it was really bad ,like it tasted burnt and there was this fishy taste and some chunks of whatever was there too! ,and now you are regreting that you even said you would try it,You wanted to wash your mouth and take a nap and forget all this happened.
" Wow really!? yes! ,um...____-chan? ...._____?" Natsuki peered into your face and you realized that you were talking to yourself way too much
"Huh? ,uh y-yeah! I mean it's not super good but better than the things Masa tried to make when we were kids ~" You said cheerily and gave a smirk to Masato
"Hey!!" Masato said angrily to you
"Nothing! anyway,What are we ACTUALLY going to eat for dinner ?" Masato said as he furrowed his brows and gave you a quick glare but you just smiled in return
"Well,Natsuki stayed in the kitchen since 12 so he didn't give a chance  for anyone to cook .." Syo said then crossed his arms
"Then what are going to eat!? I'm getting hungry!" Ittoki wined
"Oh stop your wining Ittoki , It won't remedy the situation..." Tokiya said irritatedly
"Um...I can cook...." You said quietly
"What?" Natsuki questioned
"I said I can cook!" You answered and walked to the kitchen and started getting the ingredients together , "Okay...the eggs are here ,the spices...okay I can make this in a few minutes I think..." You mumbled to yourself
"What are you making?" Ittoki asked peering into the kitchen
"A Omelette and a Shrimp Pilaf ~" You answered happily while making the dishes
~After a while~
"Dinner is ready!" Your voice rang from the kitchen ,Then you picked up the two plates and took a short walk to the dining room and placed them on the table for the people to eat.

"Wow! this stuff looks so good!!" Ittoki exclaimed in delight and his eyes sparkled like a child
"Wow...I didn't expect this from you Little Lamb~" Ren said and gave you a wink ,you just gave him a poker face meme face then sat down in your chair and started putting food on your plate and started eating.
"Your cooking has changed since we wee kids huh?" Masato said quietly (good things you're sitting next to him :{D)
"Yup,It has...butIthinkyoushaven't " You said the last part as fast as you can and put a spoonful of the Pilaf in your mouth ,"You know you be a total jerk sometimes..." Masato said with a different tone maybe the rest of Starish didn't even knew existed in Masato ,something that you only heard...
~After Dinner~
"Ahh~ that got me full~ thanks for the meal ____-chan!!" Ittoki happily said and started stroking his now full belly , "Haha , You're welcome Ttoki-kun~" You smiled and grabbed the plates from the table and went to the kitchen to wash them.
As you were washing the dishes ,you felt a little tap on your shoulder ,Then you turned around and saw a tall man with slightly dark skin with green eyes ,His hair looked messy,It looked like he just woke up from a nap.
"Uh...when's dinner?" He asked quietly while looking still sleepy , "Um,dinner's over" You replied quickly and went back to washing dishes.
"Wh-what!? I-is there still food left??" He said in a rush , "Um...guy? who's the hot guy that's talking to me right now??" You nervously asked the people in the kitchen , "Huh?"--"Oh that's Cecil!" Haruka explained ,after finding out his name you thought this.
'Daym HE . IS . HOT . Cecil huh? dang hot name boyyyy' You thought in some weird accent you say in your mind time to time , "Ahem,anywho ,there is some food left,here" You said and handed him a plate with some food on it , "Eat up" You smiled at him then finished cleaning the dishes and went to your comfy bed
~Your P.O.V~
'Ahh~ this is place is so nice~ I'm also glad i have a room...AND A REVERSE HAREM ,OH YEAH BABY~!!!' I thought happily and started walking around in my room. 
'I just noticed the my room is huuuge....I guess you get this stuff when you're famous in the Industry...' I thought to myself while wandering the other places in the room , then I remembered I didn't fix my stuff and my clothes are scattered on the floor also my luggage, "....dangit i didn't fix my stuffff" I lazily said and slowly started climbing into bed.
"I'll do it tomorrow...."
~Masato P.O.V~
I was lying down on my bed looking at the bracelet I received from _______ today.
'I never thought of ever getting this back...'  I thought as I put the bracelet on my wrist , as I was admiring it a felt a tap on my shoulder , It was Ren , He had a toothy grin on.
"You didn't seem happy about seeing her today" Ren says sits down on my bed.
"What do you want?" I angrily said as I sat up and stared at him
"Don't be so shrill , I was just wondering if you were happy or not~" , Then I mumbled something
"What was that?"
"N-nothing,anyway go away I need sleep" I said and shewed him away, and thankfully he went away.
'Hmm...I feel like taking a walk...'
~Back to normal P.O.V~
You started walking around in the yard ,hugging your coat around your body to keep warm you kept walking.
Then you noticed a dark figure , You didn't know who it was so you walked closer and closer to the unknown figure.
Then you got close enough to see who it was ,it was Masato , and you didn't expect seeing at this time of night
"______?"  Masato said surprised by your presence
"Hi Masa~ what are you doing here?" You asked in a tiny voice , slightly squinting your eyes
"Ah- *sigh* I just felt like walking what about you?" He said normally but tried recollecting himself after you said the nickname 'Masa'. "Oh,I just felt like walking around for a bit...I needed to stretch my legs for a bit-- Oh I remember that time when we walked outside one night and you accidentally fell on your face in a puddle and (blah blah blah blah past blah)---"
"Shut up!" , You heard a voice angrily shout while you were remembering the past.
"Wh-what?" You stuttered , "Stop talking about the past all the time will you!?" Masato shouted at you. "But...that's all I can do..." You sadly said and looked down , "What?" .
"Masato,that's all I can do , Talking about the past is all I can talk about , because ...I only knew you in the past,Masato , and I know nothing about you changed and you have new people in your life I know nothing so I just bring up the past so I can feel like I still know you...but I feel like I don't"  You started crying but you just balled your fists with your head down with tears streaming down your face , "_____....I didn't know..." Masato sympathetically said and started to approach you.
"Of course you don't know! We hardly talk now !" You shouted and shut your eyes while tears were falling from your eyes.
Then , suddenly you felt a pair of strong arms envelope you in a hug , "Wha-" You gasped as your eyes widened with surprise
"Remember when I hugged you like this when we were kids...?"
"*sniffle sniffle* " You cried your little girl heart out , You were so sad of the passing of your beloved grandmother.
"You haven't left the backyard since her passing because that was where you use to play with her
Before you could shout and continue crying , you felt a soft tap on your shoulder.
There you saw Masato , looking sad like you .
"Masato?" You asked in a tiny voice , He looked down at you with his shining
(ahem idk what color XD) azure eyes
"Masato what are you doing her-" , You got cut off by Masato's arms pulling you into a hug.

"Stop crying,You know your grandmother wouldn't want to see you crying...." He comforted you until you stopped crying , ever since then you two were the best of friends
End of Flashback~
"....I do..."
"But do you remember the day when you were moving and I was going to tell you something important?"
"Um..yeah...but you never got to tell me....."
"Wanna know what it was?~" He said as he started getting closer and closer to you ear
"Yes..." You whispered
" you" He whispered
"You know what Masa?~"
"I...Love you too...ever since we were kids~"
"Well,I guess were the same"
Then he leaned in a gave you a gentle kiss on the lips,It wasn't very long but it was full of love.

After that Masato walked you to your room and kissed you on the forehead.
and that night you had the most sweetest sleep you ever had

~The End~


~The next day~
"You two looked so cute last night~" You heard someone say outside.
"Sounds like someones mocking someone....I need to see~" You cheered and climbed out of bed and changed into clothes that was appropriate for breakfast (wait. what kind of clothes are that? XD). When you walked out you saw a angry Masato and a happy Ren , "What are you guys talking about?" You asked and tilted your head a little.
HEY GAIZ FINALLY I FINISHED THIS READER INSERT *cries* anyway at the end it's suppose to say
"Names for your kids" or something I was supposed to type but stash writer won't allow -.-
anyways sorry for making such a super crappy reader insert XDD I know it's terrible but please don't hate ; u ;
ALSO please don't comment about the 'writing' because i know it's terrible ~<3

Story (c) :iconzendeya67:
You (c) You
Utapri (c) idk
This is a commission for :iconurrukaness:
It took very long for me to make this thanks to : Writers block
~Btw almost done making a America x Reader so look out for that!~
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DarkerThanLighht Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Student Artist
 I LOOOOOVE THIS<3Excited Blush ! and the part:" I mean HOT like muy caliente" AHAHAHHAHA i almost explodeXD btw i love it♥[EXO] Luhan Emoticon 
zendeya67 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha glad you like it sweetie > u <
and lol glad you liked that part too XD I was thinking like : "Hey since I'm part Spanish why not?" And I did that XD
And thank you for reading it means a lot~♥
Urrukaness Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CKGVJHBK This is BEAUTIFULL <333 THANK YOU SOO MUCH! The wait was worth iittt hnngg~~~~ :tighthug:
zendeya67 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
; v ; I'm so glad you like iiit!! It has so many errors i didn't think you'd enjoy ; u ; and I'm glad it's worth it > u < I hope you commission me again~♥
CuppieGoku Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very nice!
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Thanks sis ; v ;
CuppieGoku Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome!
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